In accordance with the complete range of excellence of products represented, Bioportugal established an exclusive distribution agreement for Portugal with the renowned European group of regents and diagnostic equipment: ElitechGroup

This new Bioportugal couple is a private group of manufacturers and distributors of in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents around the world. By bringing together specialized companies offering IVD products and innovative solutions, the ELITechGroup has become a major contributor to the advancement of clinical diagnostic laboratory in the local market, operating close to the patient.

ELITechGroup manufactures and distributes diagnostic products for clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunology and molecular biology, with direct sales and a distribution network spanning more than 100 countries.


Sistemas representativos:

– ELITe InGenius® –  www.elitechgroup.com/north-america/?s=Ingenius
– Aerospray® – www.elitechgroup.com/north-america/?s=aerospray%20class=


For more information visit: www.elitechgroup.com